Free Practice Papers

Download Free Sample A-level Physics Practice Papers

Have you been to the websites of AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR and found out that you have pretty much exhausted the limited past papers and mark schemes, then this is an opportunity for you to download practice papers. The questions are unique, carefully written based on the current specifications and tricky enough to ensure that they adequately prepare you for the real exam. You are probably getting a better deal than just using the past papers off the exam boards sites.

A good number of tutors have figured out that some students who insisted that they score high marks with past papers from the exam board site in some cases score low grades in the main exam. This sometimes could be due to repetitive solving of the same set of questions. This would not be a true test of your ability. Also, in some cases, the exam boards sets more tricky questions than they had ever set before. This is where we come in. There are 10 practice papers with mark schemes on each of the module . We have offered 1 practice paper with mark scheme for each module so you can decide if you intend to download more practice papers